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Webinar: Delivering Local Resilience

We wish to thank all the participants to this webinar that almost reached the maximum attendees number! Did you miss the live streaming? Do not worry, we have you covered! Click here to watch the full version of the webinar.

Why does your city urgently need to engage in resilience planning and building? What are the best ways to do it? ICLEI’s leading expertise and know-how about local resilience offered a blueprint showcasing the exceptional potential of resilient cities to recover from shocks and drive economic, environmental and social well-being.

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ICLEI Resilient Cities aims at giving a voice to all local governments around the world.

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We provide the forum for experts and local leaders to share ideas & experiences!

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Resilient Cities 2018 was part of the Talanoa Dialogue!

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What is a Resilient City?

A ‘Resilient City’ is prepared to absorb and recover from any shock or stress while maintaining its essential functions, structures, and identity as well as adapting and thriving in the face of continual change. Building resilience requires identifying and assessing hazard risks, reducing vulnerability and exposure, and lastly, increasing resistance, adaptive capacity, and emergency preparedness.

Why us

For a decade, ICLEI Resilient Cities has been providing a global and open space where local governments, researches, businesses and civil society could meet as equals, contributing with their know-how to the advancement of urban resilience.

To celebrate our 10 years of experience and expertise-building in supporting cities thrive in face of challenges, this anniversary edition will present a 360° view on urban resilience: Pathways towards implementing resilience; Innovation in the realm of urban resilience; and Building cohesive, healthy and resilient communities.

Our Values and Trust

Our cutting-edge position in the realm of urban resilience and adaptation is a constant reflection of our values: knowledge-based, decade-long expertise; constant and transparent engagement with our partners; and unique know-how in connecting and supporting stakeholders, rather than thrusting measures “from above”.

During the years, our commitments and transparent activity have cultivated trust among our partners, which now recognize ICLEI Resilient Cities as the gravitational center of the resilience universe.

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