Climate change is aggravating the intensity and frequency of natural disaster worldwide. Is your city ready to cope with the risk? Can that risk be mitigated and the residual risk transferred? The insurance sessions are organized in collaboration with ACRI+.


Resilience, Sustainability and Cities: How city managers can engage with the insurance industry effectively? (Session H2)

Integrated Climate Risk Management (ICRM) is a holistic risk management framework proposed by GIZ, which links the measures needed ahead, during and after the occurrence of a climate-related natural disaster to optimize the use of resources and significantly reduce the potential losses. City managers are invited to rethink their approach to risk management, considering the opportunities offered by the insurance industry for upscaling urban resilience and sustainability.

Resilience, Sustainability and Cities: What can cities offer and what do they need to upscale climate risk management? (Session I2)

The workshop aims at turning the knowledge from city managers and insurance practitioners into a roadmap for developing and implementing ICRM frameworks in cities, and incorporate the principles of the Insurance Industry Development Goals for Cities to foster sustainability and inclusion.

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