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Individuals, consultants and companies belonging to the private sector.

Public Authorities & Institutions

Representatives of the United Nations, national and sub-national governments, local government associations, universities (professors, PhD and researchers), and non-for-profit organizations.

ICLEI Members

Full Members of ICLEI (representatives from cities, towns and regions). This fee does not apply to companies or public authorities working within a local government that is a member of ICLEI.

Full-Time Students

Bachelor’s or Master’s students, who will be requested to provide a proof confirming their affiliation with a university.


Reduced fee is applicable for presenters/speakers, only after confirmation of acceptance of proposal for presentations, panels, workshops, posters, training sessions and other formats.

The fee includes:

  • Admission to the full 3 days of the event including catering

  • Participation in all sessions including sub-forums and co-events

  • Participation in site visits (on a first come first served basis) or side-events

  • Conference materials and attendance certificate

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Why attend ICLEI Resilient Cities 2019?

I value the focus on practical learning and experience sharing. It’s not only about discussing grand ideas, but especially about showcasing concrete solutions that have delivered impact.

Charlotte Flechet, Food Smart Cities Programme Coordinator, Rikolto

Exposure to the ex ante planning possibilities and the ex post recovery options in the compressed time period of the Congress helps to break down the boxes in which we normally think and operate and enables us to be more innovative. The range of different national contexts for local action to which we get exposed further stimulates our innovative juices.

Peter Meyer, Borough Council Member, Borough of New Hope, PA

The Congress offers interesting presentations that show practical implementation of many concepts and topics discussed globally, the problems and solutions found. It offers the possibility to share experiences.

Christine Bohn, Head of Section, AMBERO Consulting

The ability to interact with city officials, nonprofit organizations, academics, and industry experts all under one roof, looking at common issues using different lenses.

Tara Kulkarni, Director, CGRS, Associate Professor - Engineering, Norwich University
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