CiBiX Resilience Workshops

ICLEI’s CiBiX City-Business Collaboration Accelerator provides an open platform for cities and businesses to explore partnership needs, collaboration barriers and new solutions to the most pressing challenges facing local and regional governments.

This year at Resilient Cities 2019, interactive CiBiX workshops are a great opportunity for private sector participants to delve deeper and work closely with local governments to tackle a high-priority resilience challenge with a critical sustainability lens.

CiBiX Workshop with Milan, Italy
Delivering resilience for improving disaster preparedness and response

Milan is looking to tackle challenges surrounding disaster management. In particular, the coordination of multiple stakeholders and all the relevant data involved at the different response stages creates complex scenarios for the city to manage. Future plans for expanding resilience in Milan are focused on finding new partnerships and digital tools to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of disaster and emergency preparedness and response.
Join the City of Milan and help to co-identify the next action steps the city can take regarding integrating big data integration into disaster planning, connecting climate change and emergency response and forming novel partnerships for urban resilience.

CiBiX Workshop with Malmö, Sweden
Delivering resilience for decentralized energy

Currently leading Sweden’s renewable energy transition, Malmö is now facing urgent challenges related to energy security and resilience. Energy demand has surged due to urban development and the electrification of heating and transport. Due to this, energy shortfall risks have been intensifying.
Participate in a workshop led by Malmö and Resilient Regions that will look into the current challenges that need to be urgently addressed by local government actors, key energy stakeholders and relevant partners to realize a resilient energy future.

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